Leadership, EQ & Project Management-The Art of Team Building


As project managers we have all the responsibility, but none of the control. Having incredible leadership skills can be what takes your career to the next level and drives your teams/projects to success.

The importance of being a leader is the new norm if you want to advance. PMI Pulse data shows most organizations place nearly an equal emphasis on developing leadership skills as they do on technical skills.

This course is a journey of self-mastery developed through the teachings of emotional intelligence, leadership styles and their appropriate applications, building peak performing teams, and setting up projects for success. You will learn the value and application of earned value management, organizational awareness, and proper project management methodologies taught in a fun and interactive manner.

This course covers the top 5 things that I have experienced that plague us all as PMs and cause the chaos effect and overall project failure:

1. Inability to recognize and accept that change is inevitable and how to be proactive

2. Lack of leadership development among project managers

3. Lack of proper project management processes, tools, and proper training programs

4. Lack of understanding as to how the organization's systems function with one another

5. Lack of clear communication at all levels internal and external (vision, mission, value, understanding, goals, wants, needs, responsibility and accountability).

This course is based around enhancing all these areas. Transforming from something that plagues us to strategies that benefit us, and how to lead your teams to success by avoiding the major pitfalls that plague 75% of all projects.

Leadership and management are equally important within this ever-changing culture. This course is based around real world experiences and lessons learned from a seasoned project manager. It is formulated so that others don't have to learn the hard way by avoiding major pitfalls, navigating, and thriving in change, and building peak preforming teams.

By the end of course you will be able to thrive in any project. You will be the most trusted PM in your organization because of your ability to organize, influence and execute with precision.

You’re not going to just learn methodologies that make you a better employee.

You’re going to raise your personal value and your life/career currency!

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