Leadership: Essentials for Career Development


Learn how to be a successful leader from a Special Forces Green Beret who has lead teams, projects, and partner nation across the world.  From the basics of leadership to more advanced topics on Project Management, this course covers everything you need to know to succeed tomorrow.  This program is responisble for our company being awarded "Most Innovative Company of 2018 by Silicon Valley and it covers:

* Leadership Principals and Basics

* Leadership's Purpose

* Successful Mindsets

* Essential Characteristics

*Communication Techniques

* Introduction to the DISC Model

* Time Management

* Decision Making

* Rapport Building

* 6 Main Leadership Approaches

* Conducting Reviews and Assessments

* Techniques for Motivation and Persuasion

* Stress and Burnout

* All About Project Management (Phases 1 through 5)

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