Leadership Masterclass


Do you want to become a more successful leader and develop habits that create a more positive outcome in your work and at home? If you are an entrepreneur, new to management, looking to change careers, feeling stuck at home or in your career, this course for you!

My mission is to help you achieve positive, lasting measurable change in behavior for themselves, for their people and for their teams. I want to help you make your life a little better. 

In this five part course, I share my insight from over 4 decades of coaching. We’re going to look at a proven process that you can use to develop yourself as a leader. As an executive educator and coach, I will help you understand how your beliefs and the environments you operate in can trigger negative behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I will help you achieve and sustain positive behavioral change. 

Research on coaching is clear and consistent. Coaching is most successful when it’s applied to people with potential who want to improve — but not when it’s applied to people who have no interest in changing. This is true whether you are acting as a professional coach, a manager, a family member, or a friend.

When steps in the coaching process are followed, leaders almost always do achieve positive behavioral change. Not as judged by themselves, as judged by their key stakeholders, those important people around them who are most influential in their lives. 

This course also includes 

  1. Many activities to help you reach your personal goals
  2. A guide to my “Daily Questions” Spreadsheet
  3. A proven process for leadership development

I hope you find this course to be practical, useful, help you have a better life, be a more effective leader and even more important, help you help others do the same thing.

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